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Vaccines Help Protect Their Health and Future

We all want to keep our loved ones safe and healthy. Vaccines help protect our children and community from serious, even life-threatening diseases, giving you peace of mind and confidence. Let’s work together to protect our children, loved ones, and communities.


Vaccines are recommended at specific ages to best protect children and teens when they are most at risk of diseases, and when their immune systems will have the strongest response. That is why many of these vaccines are required for school, preschool, and licensed child care.


Now is the perfect time to check vaccines off your back-to-school list so your family can start the next school year with peace of mind. Schedule a visit with a health care provider now and beat the rush.


Health First Colorado (Medicaid), Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), and most private health insurers cover the cost of vaccines, so you don’t have to pay anything at providers that accept your health plan. Even without health insurance, you can get recommended vaccines for free at locations statewide.

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Vaccines are safe, effective, and important for your child

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